Winfried Huyer-May

Frieden, Freiheit, Menschen (Luisa)

Weitere Europalieder

Weitere Lieder zur Freiheit

Aus vergangener Zeit – IN MEMORIAM

These songs and videos want to find remainers to show them that there are many european friends who want exactly the same : remain ! It is some kind of intervention. May be someone does not like interventions in these days. Pardon – but if a good friend is going to make a mistake, wouldn’t you try to stop him? Surely many people voted for Brexit. But they voted for a blue Brexit and they would get a black Brexit now. And they understand that the blue Brexit is a Fata Morgana, which is unpossible to get done. So they want no Brexit at all. And many people, even above all the nonvoters, notice now, what the black Brexit does mean especially for their own future. So they turn into remainers. And these songs and videos want to find remainers.

This website is an unsponsored private action, familymade by grandpa and granddaughter, with an english dictionary and some kind of technical equipment to let the music come out.

Wir ziehen am gleichen Strang mit unseren Liedern gegen Brexit und für Europa.

Aus unserer Aktion ist nix geworden. Die Remainers haben verloren und Europa auch. Was damals verwunderlich war, war die breite Teilnahmelosigkeit vieler Politiker. Ihr Argument war das der Nichteinmischung.
Das war ein Fehler. Einmischen, Mitmischen – was Europa auch heute braucht.